Thursday, October 27, 2011

HD voice gets a new logo and a foothold in Scandinavia

 HD Voice just got its own fancy logo from the GSMA:


The GSA says there are now 32 HD Voice networks in 29 countries total, with more than 50 compatible devices. But HDVoice News asks a good question about whether we’ll see soon this logo pasted on more mobile phones in Scandinavia.

They think we might because of TDC’s recent rollout of HD Voice services in Denmark. From their article:
In addition, Scandinavian operators may start moving faster, now that TDC has rolled out HD voice in Denmark; the operator also has subsidiaries in Sweden and Finland. There’s an irony that the home countries of Ericsson and Nokia don’t have HD voice.
  Hmmm, he has a point.


  1. He certainly does have a point. The overwhelmingly positive consumer reaction to HD voice means that it has every chance of becoming a commodity service. And when that happens, an operator not offering HD voice not only risks losing the voice market, but probably their other markets, too.

  2. Great to see that there are finally some offerings that address user experiences. It's just about time for telecom industry to realize that I, a consumer, not only care about X mbit/s you offer. Anyone, how many operators offer HD voice now?

  3. So the service isn't launched yet in Finland? Well, Nokia certainly seem to believe in the concept and actively work to develop more and more phones that are HD voice capabable, check out on YouTube. I would expect that this development - to get HD voice in more and more phones - will go fast from now on as there area already so many operators promoting HD voice. All in all, good news for us that like to call and really hear what the person on the other end is saying...

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