Friday, June 29, 2012

The future of voice does not have to be dark - We'll be back in the fall to keep the discussion going

We’re taking a summer break here at the Voice on Telecom. We’ll be offline for July and August but will return in September. Things are moving so fast in the area we focus on – the future of voice, SMS and person-to-person communications – that we’re already excited to take in what happens this summer and look ahead to the fall and winter.
We’ve been writing this blog and been on Twitter since October.  In that time we’ve tried to reach across the whole spectrum, from four posts on gaming to analysis of Telefonica as a leader in innovation to our takes on new business models, the viability of OTT players financially, innovation in Africa, the Chinese New Year and South Korea, among many other subjects.

What’s had the most buzz?  VoLTE, Joyn/RCS and Telefonica’s Tu ME app. It’s fun that all three of those subjects are about looking forward, rather than dwelling on a gloomy financial outlook.

It’s remarkable how much has changed too in our short time online. We’ve seen the launch of Joyn, Rogers One Number and Tu Me as operators go “Telco-OTT”.  And there is a real sense of innovation and urgency among operators, including openness to finding new ways to make money off of voice and texting channels.  On this level, we’ve examined HTML5, WebRTC and in-web and in-game voice solutions.

It’s a broad, kind of vague, but fascinating topic we’re examining together.  So we hope you’ll come back in the fall and continue the discussion with us.

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