Friday, January 6, 2012

Some reflections on messaging traffic this holiday season

Has messaging traffic saturated, or has it just changed its pattern? The blog Royal Pingdom observes there was less text messaging this Holiday Season, but not everywhere.

Source: Royal Pingdom blog

Are smartphone messaging apps threatening traditional SMS/MMS? Some believe Apple could kill the text message.

SMS traffic is still on a high level, however, it seems the increase rate may have started to subside in some markets.

Traffic is one thing - revenue is another.

So, where is the money? Is it with OTT players or with mobile operators? I would say it is still with the operators, but it cannot be taken for granted in the future.

What can be done to revitalize the messaging business?


  1. Ironically. in the short to medium term, the offload of messaging to iOSmay lower the licensing and usage costs for operators whilst they still charge for the same allowance of SMS messaging in their packages.

    However it is surely inevitable that the willingness to spend on this sort of messaging service will decline in mature markets unless a compelling, universal and improved alternative is offered by operators ... and how successful have they been there?

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