Friday, January 13, 2012

Up your game

Using voice communication in online gaming is nothing new. Hardcore gamers have been doing this for years, but did you know that this is the key to making gaming social?

The gaming community is a strong one, with their own language, their own gear and a common way of life that isn’t always understood by everyone else. A community with members that don’t balk at spending serious money on virtual tanks has its own social norms and value system.

Since gaming is a form of entertainment based on sitting in front of your computer, miles if not countries apart, it should seem lonely and antisocial. The opposite couldn’t be truer with the addition of voice communications. It’s a social activity when you help each other out, show people tricks, compliment great moves and generally interact like you would when you are playing a soccer game.

Using a headset and talking to your fellow gamers is much more efficient than using chat – in fact, the time it takes to switch your concentration to chat can get you killed.

Team games benefit tremendously from an audio connection. You can talk through your strategy and plan a group attack. Not to mention the trash talk that you can let fly toward your opponents.

Mobile apps help gamers stay connected to the audio even when they are not playing so that they can jump into the action once they are in front of their computers again.

Overall, the gaming experience is better with voice and now the trend is for more and more games to go mobile.

To achieve the best user experience, operators, telecom vendors and game providers must all play the game.


  1. Voice communication for gaming has made it even more social, and allows people to play and chat together from all over the world. However the amount of trash talk that is spoken is unbelievable! I like to think it's due to competitiveness rather than just rudeness.

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